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In September 2018, our family’s world changed in an unimaginable way.  Lydia, a fit, happy and healthy 41-year-old wife and mum of two young children, fell critically ill with Sepsis and an underlying infection of Tuberculosis (TB).  She spent 11 days in a coma on life-support close to death.  

We're so thankful to say that she has survived against the odds.

Unbelievably, she had to have both her legs amputated below the knee, together with the amputation of her right hand at the wrist and the fingers of her left hand, undergoing 5 major operations in the space of 7 weeks.

We're hoping to raise funds to get the best possible prosthetics for Lydia as we want to make sure she can get back to doing what she loves and get her active life back. 


Lydia also feels very passionately about raising awareness of Sepsis.


Thank you.

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Other fundraising event ideas already in the pipeline include:

Sponsored walk of hospitals - Papworth to Broomfield to Southend

Sponsored bike ride

Sponsored swim of the English Channel

School Comedy Night

Sponsored 100 KM Hike

3 Peaks Challenge

Marathon entries

If you wish to participate, or propose any ideas of your own, please email us here

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